The experience you receive from kratom depends on two factors: the dose and the type of kratom. It may seem contradictory because different doses have opposite effects. If you take a low dose, kratom acts as a stimulant. It is likely that you feel awake and alert, sociable and happy. Higher doses of kratom act as a sedative and put you in a relaxed sleep state. Moreover, it reduces physical or emotional pain, while feelings of euphoria can take their place.

Types of Kratom

Together with the effective dose, the different colours of the kratom leaf also produce different effects. There are four types of kratom: red, white, green and gold. It is the colour of the central vein of the leaf.

White kratom

The white leaves of kratom generally produce a stimulating and energising effect. White kratom can improve your mood, increase your alertness and mental alertness, and make you feel more motivated without fear. It is ideal for treating people with depression or asthenia. It can also be used as a stimulant to increase concentration and alertness instead of caffeine for those who work for long hours.

Red kratom

Red kratom is the most common type of kratom for sale. It generally has a calming effect. This strain of kratom is great for relieving tension and relaxing the mind while providing a positive mood and mindset. Red kratom is also commonly used to relieve pain, treat muscle tension and insomnia.

Green Kratom

The impacts of green kratom are a mixture of white and red kratom effects. It can give you a slight boost of energy, attention, and concentration, so you feel relaxed. This type of kratom is useful for the treatment of pain and also of social anxiety because the relaxing, pleasurable effects while alert and optimistic can make it sociable and more comfortable in social situations.

Gold Kratom

Gold kratom is one of the most powerful kratoms available today. Many people use this particular kratom to relieve pain and relax the mind and body. This strain is more soothing than others and helps the user to maintain a calm mindset.